Everything on Graph of the Week was researched, programmed, graphed and written by Patrick Rhodes:

Having a long-standing interest in software engineering, mathematics and writing, he decided to pull all of his skills together and create this website. Here is a summary of the actual tools used:

Data Mining/Transformation/Extraction:
SQL (often MySQL), R, Java, Libre Office Calc

Statistics Programming:

R (base), ggplot2, maps

Libre Office Writer, LaTeX, Sweave

Other Publications: See my author website for a complete list

About Patrick: See author website for more details.

Please feel free to contact him for custom graphs, writing, programming, and/or data mining. He's had over twenty years at this so you're in good hands.


  1. Patrick, the Center for Defense Information (CDI) has well researched articles with references, charts, and graphs. Two might be of interest:

    #1: "What has Been the Cost of the Post 9/11 Wars?" It has several links and the 3rd from the bottom shows a graph depicting the cost in relation to the decline in public/social spending. The links combined constitute a lengthy read. Posted: 9/6/11
    To read, go to: cdi.org/program/document.cfm?DocumentID=4680&from_page=../index.cfm
    #2: *Topic is "America's 'defense' budget (analysis)" [discusses the deceptive mode of the budget] posted on CDI, 2/21/12

    go to: CDI (and repeat title of *topic)
    OR you might search for it within the CDI page.
    Doing the research may consume too much time and energy, but in any case, you might just want to take peek to get an overview...so please do what works for you.
    ___________Thanks and good luck!

    1. Thank you for the information. It has given me some ideas for an upcoming graph - stay tuned!


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