Friday, February 27, 2015

Career NBA: The Road Least Traveled

The bell rings - time to go to practice. Jarnell Stokes heads over to the gym, changes, and starts warming up with his teammates. It's his Junior year in high school. The Memphis, Tennessee native has a lot on his mind; soon he'll have to make a choice - a choice which will affect his future. Sitting on his table back home are basketball scholarship offers [1] from the universities of Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Memphis, Mississippi and Tennessee.

It's a long, lonely road to the NBA
It's quite rare for a high school athlete to receive a sports scholarship to even a single college, much less multiple schools. As we'll come to see, he's quite the statistical outlier in the world of basketball. Most do not play beyond high school. Those that do rarely possess the world-class talent to play in the NBA (National Basketball Association). That being said, what are Jarnell's chances that he could make a career playing in the NBA?

This article was written by Patrick Rhodes - the the author of "Graph of the Week" - for Statistics Views and published on February 27, 2015. Read the rest of this article there.


  1. Hey there! Next time Grizzlies are on TV I'll watch out for Jarnell Stokes. I see Grizzlies are top team in Southwest Div. (41 - 15) and are competing with top contenders: Atlanta Hawks Southeast Div. (45 - 12) and Warriors, Pacific Div. ( 44 - 11) and I do like steph Curry. He's quite an athlete with a high basketball I.Q. And shares the ball. Thanks!

    1. Hey Sarge! Well, Stokes was sent back down to the 'D' league. He's struggling to see much playing time with the Griz, but he's doing okay at Iowa (the 'D' league team). The Griz are fun to watch - hardcore defense is their signature style.

    2. Thanks Patrick! If I catch it on TV, I'll watch his team The Iowa Energy.
      I'll be checking out their "hardcore defense." Thanks again!

  2. Oops. It's the Griz I'll be checking for their "hardcore defense." :)


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